In collaboration with the CIRAD (Montpellier), CID Plastiques developed the bioreactor MATIS®, an innovative solution for micropropagation of plants.

Result of 12 years of research, The MATIS® is an innovative industrial device for the production of in vitro plants, at reduced cost, while ensuring a high biological effectiveness. The MATIS® is a simple to use device, effective and durable over time. It represents the ideal solution for large-scale production quality.

Outstanding performance

Thanks to the special design of MATIS®, especially its large volume – 5.5 l with 3.2 l useful – compared to most bioreactors currently on the market and its horizontal structure favoring the spreading of biomass and better light transmission .
The plastic used – medical use polycarbonate – simultaneously provides high resistance to autoclaving, low weight and perfect transparency promoting photosynthesis and plant development.
The design of the bioreactor MATIS® increases the quantities of plants produced while reducing the culture time. Compared to other cropping systems in temporary immersion, vigor, physiological state and homogeneity of the regenerated plant material are greatly improved. At the end of the bioreactor, the acclimatization performance produced MATIS® plants are much higher than those observed with other cropping systems: better recovery and higher uniformity of seedling batches under natural conditions.

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