Reflexive insulation

For thermal insulation, CID Plastiques offers films with effective thermal insulation . It is the ideal solution to achieve savings in heating and air conditioning , but also to improve the comfort of interiors.

CID Plastiques has notably developed a range of reflective thin insulators (IMR). These products work on the principle of:
reflection: referral of radiation,
convection / conduction: energy transfer through a wall,
• and air and water tightness.

CID Plastiques offers two products:


Full surface lamination, without thermal bridges

Noise reduction

Waterproof and airtight

• Easy to use, no specific tools required

Non allergenic, guaranteed without toxic compounds

• Does not deteriorate in time

Detracts vermin


Protects from thermal shocks (-30°C to +60°C)

Impervious to gas, solvents, odors and UV radiation


• Resistant to minor shocks during transport

Ensures that products can be discretely transported

• Light and easy to handle

• Meets food industry standards

CID Plastiques offers a “ISOLTOO” shaping service , according to your specifications, so that your goods are protected on short transit : bags, pockets, pallet covers, insulators boxes, bottles …

Widths of 1m25, 2m50 & 5m

Bulfeu: only 1m25

Lamination from 2 to 6 layers for a total thickness of 4mm to 15mm

SBI tests for the “BULFEU” range • Tests conducted with the

“ISOLTOO” range:
An innovative solution for isothermal storage and transporting of boxes, pallets, containers, etc.

Optimal protection for fragile products

The thermal and acoustic characteristics of our products are validated by independent laboratories