This field requires technical skills in order to control with precision the softening temperature, the heating zones inside the furnace as well as the plastic behavior on contact with the mould.

We make shapes for blister packs and shells as well as vacuum formed items such as technical wedging and industrial trays.

We are able to manufacture small and large series.

Vacuum Forming offers a multitude of benefits:

  • Manufactured part less expensive than if produced with other molding techniques
  • We produce our own tooling; it can be multi-stamp for the large series
  • We can manufacture large-sized parts (maximum: 552 x 800 x 100mm)
  • The implementation cycle time from design to production is very short
  • The molding adjustments and the tooling are relatively inexpensive

Blister packaging and high frequency welding:

  • We own 2 high frequency welding carousels
  • We can manufacture formats up to 800 x 480mm