Drawing on its experience and knowledge of manufacturing processes, CID Plastiques offers you the opportunity to provide you with prototypes within a few days which will allow you to validate a design or prepare a product launch.

In order to best meet your expectations, we have access to major rapid prototyping technologies:
  • Stereo lithography: This additive manufacturing technique, close to 3D printing, makes it possible to obtain parts with complex geometries with great precision.
  • Powder sintering: This is also an additive manufacturing process by which a laser photopolymerizes a polyamide powder. The result obtained has a slightly sandy appearance but has good resistance properties.
  • Machining: Ideal for parts with relatively simple geometry. This process has the advantage of being able to be applied to a wide choice of plastics.
  • Vacuum duplication: It is a technique which consists in pouring a polyurethane resin at low pressure in a silicone mold. The result obtained is almost similar to that obtained with plastic injection.