Our range of bubble films is suitable for protection, packaging and wedging

Manufactured with PE, our 10-millimeter bubble film is light, resistant and completely recyclable

Our efficient extrusion manufacturing technique reduces to 5% the loss of thickness under a pressure of 15kg/m²


STANDARD transparent bubble film, with 100% virgin material, available from 60µ > 550µ

ECO bubble film, made from recycled material


BULKRAFT: combining anti-shock protection with Kraft paper whose opacity ensures the discretion of your products

ECOKRAFT: 3-coats resistant to tensions thanks to the PE film

BULTRI: PE, PET, PVC, foam… we can adapt to your needs

Shaping with simple bubble or specifically specified products for time saving packaging


Pre-cut roll

Antistatic packaging for the protection of electronic products

Our technicians will assist you in designing and qualifying your specific projects

Bags with or without adhesive tape
Pouch: Large dimensions available