Established over 27 years ago, our Company is specialized in the transformation of thermoplastics

Quality, Innovation & speedy deliveries are our strengths

  • A solid team of 38 committed professionals. Our engineers, technicians, employees and sales team will do their utmost to meet our customers’ needs; we pay very close attention to their requirements and to respect deadlines.

  • Certified ISO 9001, quality is our constant priority in our factory. We are implementing changes to meet the 14001 certification for sustainable development.
  • In order to stay ahead of the market and to respond to the technical requirements of our customers, our Company has invested in a modern factory of 6100m² and in high-performance machinery.

Our Values

  • Helping our customers to succeed through high quality work. Commitment to success is our leitmotive
  • Bringing back that pioneering spirit
  • Respecting our personnel at all times
  • Simplicity and informality between managers and employees is key with an emphasis on communication
  • Recognizing and encouraging initiative, creativity and teamwork
  • Dealing fairly with competitors, clients and everyone in the company
  • Respecting and protecting the environment, particularly through the prevention of pollution and environmental incidents, the prudent use of resources, the development of environmentally friendly products and continuous improvement
  • Maintaining a sound financial base in order to guarantee the long-term future of the company

Key features

Created in 1989, CID Plastiques is a company enjoying excellent financial health and boasting the following features:

  • A new factory (6100 m²) with easy access from motorways
  • A company characterized by a willingness to take risks and to invest in order to satisfy our clients and conquer new markets
  • Regularly supplying the swimming pool sector, and consequently adapting to seasonal peaks
  • A wide range of activities in the “plastics” sector: injection, extrusion, vacuum forming, high-frequency and ultrasound welding, and packaging
  • ISO 9001 V2000 certification, requiring a high degree of discipline at all levels in order to focus as closely as possible on achieving total customer satisfaction
  • A family business
  • A company with a genuine community spirit, respecting commitments, sharing information and sharing its gains

Our goal: to be the very best in our business fields


Quality – ISO 9001 V 2015 :

  • Quality comes from a company’s organization making it possible to guarantee that products meet customer requirements.
  • We are constantly striving to achieve absolute quality. We have been ISO 9002 certified since 1998 and we have followed this with the ISO 9001 V 2015 standard.
  • These standards demonstrate that we follow a defined organizational structure. The principle behind this standard is that the company writes down exactly what it does, that it does exactly what is written down and that it clearly demonstrates this, measuring its processes with the aim of achieving continuous improvement.
  •  Every year, we are audited by an accredited by a certification firm to ensure proper follow-up of the procedures imposed by the standard.
  • Similarly, for the customer, being certified is a guarantee of security. He knows that we make the right checks and that his claims will be processed.